The people who reach out to Susan Wicklund Fund are from all walks of life—they are friends and coworkers, neighbors and family. The fact is, abortion is a common experience that has touched all of our lives one way or another, and someone you care for has had an abortion. The more we share our stories, the sooner we can end the stigma of abortion. So whether you’re a client or a donor, we’d love to hear why Susan Wicklund Fund means something to you.

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What we’ve meant to others:

I already have an 18-month-old son, and his father is not present in his life. I am working hard with two jobs fully supporting myself and my son. I am needing $200 for my procedure, and have no family to ask for help.

—Single Mother

My husband and I already have a 4-year-old toddler and 13-month-old baby. I am a stay at home mom, we are living paycheck to paycheck. The ability to have this loan and make payments really makes a big difference in our lives.

—On a tight budget

Recently I was left homeless and have no car with my 2yr old and 4 yr old. I start a new job next week and am trying to get back on my feet.


I have been unemployed for a month and am staying with my boyfriend. I believe I’m not ready or mature enough to have a baby. I don’t want my child to grow up and have the same childhood as I did. Please help me! Thank you!

—Not Ready

I moved to Yellowstone National Park 5 months ago to escape the situation I was living in down South. I wanted to leave the city and gain a love for the outdoors. I arrived in Wyoming with $7 in my pocket but knew I was much better off without my life of domestic abuse and drugs. Since I’ve gotten here I’ve been drug-free, never missed a day of work, been late and have made the BEST friends a body could ever ask for. I don’t make much money, but what I do get of it is peace. I finally feel like my true self and have decided to continue working seasonal jobs around the country to broaden my horizons and widen my scope on life. Being pregnant at this juncture in my life is not an option. I finally know who I am, and cannot hope to raise another.