My Journey as an Abortion Doctor

A powerful memoir that chronicles Dr. Susan Wicklund’s decades-long career as an abortion doctor. Dr. Wicklund dedicated her life to making sure each and every patient felt listened to and cared for. Her path soon revealed to her how many women share the experience of an unwanted pregnancy—yet how hidden this common secret remains.

This common Secret

Praise for This Common Secret

“Too often the abortion debate is framed in abstractions about the ‘unborn’ and their rights. This Common Secret puts flesh and blood on the issue and gives it a woman’s face.”
—Barbara Ehrenreich

“In setting down her story, Wicklund has done something brave by refusing to cower in the shadows but also by recounting experiences that don’t always fit the conventional pro-choice script.”

—New York Times Book Review
“An invaluable contribution, a clear-eyed account that rises above the incessant squawking that characterizes our national obsession.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“[R]iveting…credible and vivid.”

—The Washington Post