The difference we make is more than monetary.

Susan Wicklund Fund changes lives for the better. It isn’t just because we help women access their right to a procedure that otherwise might not be available to them. It’s also about the quality of care we try to ensure for each and every client. We want the same respectful and caring experience for our clients that we would want for ourselves—and for our best friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.

Who We Serve

Abortion has been legal in America for nearly half a century, yet abortion care remains out of reach for far too many women who lack financial resources. Susan Wicklund Fund is here to help those who…

need a hand up in affording abortion care

must travel long distances to receive quality care

are from across the state of Montana, and a few from out of state

are willing to repay some or all of their financial aid when they can, to pass along this benefit to others

It is in this work that we carry on Dr. Wicklund’s legacy of client care by supporting and trusting women completely—no matter what choices or circumstances have brought them to Susan Wicklund Fund. And we know how much our support matters to clients, because they pay back what they can as soon as they’re able. In fact, Susan Wicklund Fund receives about 3% more in client repayments than other abortion funds nationwide.

2017 Stats

In 2017, Susan Wicklund Fund supported 43 women, each of whom shared her unique story with us.

  • Their ages ranged from 17 to 41
  • 16 were already raising children
  • 6 were homeless at the time of their abortion
  • They represented 21 communities in Montana & 6 outside of Montana

We were able to contribute an average of $617.50 toward each of their procedures—but the demand for care has increased substantially in 2018, as has our cost per client. Still, we remain committed to coming through for everyone who reaches out to us.