Closing a door, but expanding access.

What began as the Trust Women Fund in 2009 reformed as the Susan Wicklund Fund in January, 2014. We changed our name after Dr. Wicklund’s retirement in an effort to represent our expanded mission—and most of all, to honor the woman who has dedicated her life to helping so many others.

For decades, Susan had a simple mission: provide abortion care to any woman who needed it, regardless of her ability to pay. When Sue’s Livingston, MT, clinic closed in 2013, it became clear that we would no longer be able to focus on supporting women who are seen in one clinic. Instead, our aim became to support women from across Montana who lack the resources to access abortion care. That’s why we work directly with clients to provide medically accurate information and financial assistance—typically funding up to half the cost of an abortion procedure.

Most women sacrifice a great deal to come up with half of their payment. Along with the high cost of the procedure, many women must take time off work, arrange for child care and travel long distances to reach a health center that offers abortion services. While abortion remains a hard-fought legal right, the reality is that without access, choice is severely limited. At Susan Wicklund Fund, we believe—as Susan does—that no one should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy because of financial barriers to abortion care.

Why We Honor Dr. Wicklund

Dr. Wicklund is many things to many people: mother, grandmother, sister, a woman who has had an abortion, a pro-choice activist, a leader in reproductive health care. She is our personal hero and inspiration. At Mountain Country Women’s Clinic in Livingston, Montana, Dr. Wicklund cared for patients not only from across the state, but also from the entire Northwest region—and even a few patients from other countries.

Women traveled this far because of Susan’s unique commitment to care. She never turned away someone in need; she was willing to see a patient any hour of the day, seven days a week; and she made her clinic more affordable than any other in the state. After providing safe, compassionate abortion care for almost 30 years across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, Dr. Wicklund had to close her clinic in 2013 for personal health reasons. Learn more about Sue’s incredible journey as an abortion doctor.