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2019 marks a decade of service for Susan Wicklund Fund! Help us reach our anniversary fundraising goal so we can continue to serve Montanans for another decade to come.


Susan Wickland Fund

Formerly known as Trust Women Fund, we are a small group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the freedom of choice and loyal to a leader in reproductive health; Dr. Susan Wicklund.

From 2009 to 2013 the woman’s health care provider: Mountain Country Women’s Clinic in Livingston, Montana treated local patients, many traveling across the State but also the entire American North West, and even some residents of foreign countries. Women traveled this far because of the open practices of Susan Wicklund; she never turned away a patient in need, was willing to see a woman any hour of the day- seven days a week, and the cost was more affordable at her clinic than any other within the state.

With the loss of this valuable care due to Dr. Wicklund retiring and the closing of the clinic in Livingston, we hope to carry on the mission to help women in need. We believe as Susan does, that no person should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy because of their financial situation.

This Common Secret

In This Common Secret Dr. Susan Wicklund chronicles her emotional and dramatic twenty-year career on the front lines of the abortion war. Growing up in working class, rural Wisconsin, Wicklund had her own painful abortion at a young age. It was not until she became a doctor that she realized how many women shared her ordeal of an unwanted pregnancy—and how hidden this common experience remains.

What others say about us

Susan Wicklund Fund
I believe that it is not enough to simply be “Pro-Choice”. I am proud to provide the money that allows a woman the ability to lead the life she wants and deserves. No woman “wants” to have an abortion, it is simply her best option. A choice that only a woman can make for herself.
Cynthia -29,